Top 5 Defects of stair lifts, disability access lifts and wheelchair lifts

The Thurra Engineer Surveyors share their findings of the most common faults they find when inspecting stair lifts, disability access lifts and wheelchair lifts.

Top 5 Defects – stair lifts, disability access lifts and wheelchair lifts.

  1. Foot rest interlocks not operating as designed– These safety functions are designed to prevent the accidental trapping of ankles as the stair lift moves up and down the stairs. Regular checks should be carried out on these to ensure continued safe operation.
  2. Upper and lower level stops not operating as designed –  Over-run of the lifts can cause the lift to lock out as part of its safety function and as such can only be reset by a service engineer.  Regular checks should be carried out on these to ensure the continued operation.
  3. Lift not coming to rest at floor level – The misalignment of the lift to the landing floor does not facilitate the smooth enter and exit of the lift. This is also seen as a trip hazard.
  4. Control buttons worn– Ideally these should be clean, clear and in large print to prevent any accidental operation or confusion.
  5. Ultimate cutout not functioning as designed – When a lift reaches its ultimate limit of travel an ultimate limit switch should lock out the lift. This is a safety function that protects anyone riding on the lift. If this does not operate as designed then the lift could be damaged and cause distress to any one travelling on the lift.

Thurra’s team of experienced engineers will assess the condition of the stair lifts, disability access and wheelchair lifts advising on the condition of the equipment and whether or not any remedial action is required to ensure that they continue to operate safely and effectively. A formal written report will be sent which should be kept as confirmation of the equipment’s status and if required it should be presented to your maintenance contractor.

If you require advice or help on any of the above, please speak to your Insurance Broker who will be happy to arrange a call from Thurra for technical advice, or a contact us for visit by an experienced engineer.

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