Top 5 Defects – Lifting Tackle

Top 5 Defects – Lifting Tackle

The Thurra Engineer Surveyors share their findings of the most common faults they find when inspecting lifting tackle. In addition, some simple checks you can make to avoid life threatening and costly accidents from arising.

  1. No unique identification number – eyebolts and shackles are manufactured and sold in batches. They should have a unique identification number marked on them before entering service, failure to do this, will result in an engineer surveyor being unable to carry out an inspection, especially if there are a large number of the same items.
  2. Holes in round sling outer cases – if the inner core of the sling is exposed, these should be removed from service immediately and destroyed.
  3. Distorted eyebolt threaded shanks – again, these should be removed from service and destroyed.
  4. Material loss of 10% – any shackle, eyebolt, with material loss of 10%, or greater, should be removed from service and destroyed.
  5. Missing identification labels from slings – unless the identification number can be determined and re-marked on the item, the item should be removed from service.

If you require advice or help on any of the above, please get in touch or speak to your Insurance Broker who will be happy to arrange a call from Thurra for technical advice, or a visit by an experienced engineer.

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