Thurra’s 30 Year Anniversary 1992 – 2022

From a shaky start to a 30 year milestone. Today we celebrate a special anniversary…

It was 14 April 1992 when a new business started trading – Slingco Inspection Services. Now, here we are as Thurra, unrecognisable from our humble beginnings in a small office in the backstreets of Rochdale.

With a year-on-year growth of over 20%, the team are incredibly proud to have earned their excellent reputation for engineering inspection services.

Our MD, Nick Dykins said “We pride ourselves on our outstanding service and support to our customers. My father started the business thirty years ago, however we struggled to get established in the early days. At one point we were losing money and even considered closing. We decided to give it our best shot and invested energy, focus, a bespoke system and some brave hires, one of whom was Tracey Dodd. And we have never looked back.”

“We have an incredibly loyal base of customers, who in some cases have been with us for the duration!” added Tracey Dodd, Commercial Operations Director. “I will be celebrating twenty five years in the business later this year and have been very pleased to be part of the evolution of Thurra to the operation it is today. Our team are committed to providing customer service we can be proud of.”

The team are looking forward to a ’25/30′ celebration later this year to mark both our big milestones!

Nick Dykins

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