Thorough examination and testing of equipment as restrictions are eased.

Health & Safety Executive has released guidance on the need to organise equipment inspections and testing during the period of returning to work.

During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses may have found it difficult to carry out their legal duty to thoroughly examine and test equipment. Organising thorough examination and testing is now a priority and needs to be planned.

Dutyholders are also being advised that they should take into account the additional backlog of work for their inspection service as a result of increased demand as workplaces, sports activities, leisure, retail and other services reopen.

Overarching message here is to plan ahead, book your inspections ASAP and we will do all we can to accommodate you and get your business up and running again. Our Engineers are working round the clock. Please don’t delay. We have continued to operate throughout and are here to keep you, your team and equipment safe. For help and advice, please get in touch via

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