The 3 easy ways you can prepare for an inspection during the pandemic

Preparing for an inspection visit

The initial response to delay engineering inspections was quickly followed by the need to make equipment safe and ready to use as businesses started returning to work.

Our team of Engineer Surveyors have been working constantly throughout this period and have developed new procedures to make sure your inspections go ahead safely for themselves and teams on-site. They are equipped with appropriate PPE and are adhering to the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFED) Covid-19 guidance.

Here they share their top 3 tips for preparing for an inspection visit:

  1. If possible, bring the equipment outside, if not, open up the access route as much as feasible
  2. Inform operators of the inspection time and remind them of the need for social distancing / PPE if not possible
  3. Provide hand washing facilities and / or antibacterial wipes or gel for themselves and our Engineers

If you feel in any way unsure about your forthcoming inspection or would like advice on safety or inspection risk assessments, please get in touch via

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