Safety concern over lifting equipment inspections on fishing vessels

If ever there was a sobering reminder of the importance of inspections of lifting equipment, it is this report from the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

Following a number of near misses, accidents, and a fatality they are reminding owners, employers, skippers and crew of UK fishing vessels of their responsibilities to ensure all lifting equipment is thoroughly inspected at a minimum of 12 months but with regular inspections in between.

Specifically, inspections should be increased in areas of high-load, high-wear and high-impact.

Let’s face it, the same could be said about all industries using lifting equipment. It is too late when there has been an accident or fatality. So, if you own lifting equipment, or are an Insurance Broker with commercial clients and have any concerns whatsoever, please get in touch. Our telephone advice is free and could save lives.

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Image credit: Maritime Coastguard Agency.

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