Protecting new workers

Did you know that workers are as likely to have an accident in their first six months as they are during the whole of the rest of their working life? The Health and Safety Executive has pinpointed this down to, not only lack of experience and knowledge of a new-starter, but also reluctance to raise concerns or questions as well as eagerness to impress their managers or co-workers, preferring to appear to know what they are doing.

Although, here at Thurra, we are all about the safe working order of the equipment, this is only half the story and many insurance claims and accidents are down to the operator or human error – usually poor understanding or non-compliance of essential safety instructions.

Therefore we strongly encourage our customers to take proactive steps towards protecting new and young workers. This starts with understanding workers’ starting points in terms of capability, to providing a full and detailed induction, training and supervision. You can access help with this via this HSE guidance.

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