Passenger Lift Safety – Top 5 faults

The Thurra team of experienced Engineer Surveyors shared their findings of the most common faults they experience when inspecting passenger lifts. Here’s what they had to say and also what you, as users can do to help avoid life threatening and costly accidents from arising.

5 common defects on passenger lifts

  1. Inoperative lift car alarms – usually the back-up battery has discharged.  This should be picked up as part of a regular maintenance regime.
  2. Inoperative lift auto-dialler – this should dial out to the maintenance contractor, or designated contractor in the event of the lift car alarm being pressed in an emergency. Most common cause of this fault is when the lift maintenance company has been changed and the auto-dialler hasn’t been re-programmed. 
  3. Dirty lift pits – usually as a result of poor maintenance. A lift pit that has become filled with dirt and oil is considered a fire hazard and therefore unsafe for engineers.
  4. Leaking hoist ram seals on hydraulic lifts – usually caused by usage, or changes in weather conditions.  This should be addressed as part of your maintenance regime. This can eventually lead to the lift pit filling with oil, constituting a fire hazard.
  5. Inoperative shaft lighting – can be the odd light not working, or even every shaft light. It’s dark in a lift shaft and our engineer safety is important to us!

Our reports of thorough examination will highlight all issues that need attention and should be passed onto your maintenance contractor for remedial action.

If you require advice or help on any of the above, please speak to your Insurance Broker who will be happy to arrange a call from Thurra for technical advice, or a visit by an experienced engineer.

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  • Philip Cresswell

    March 30, 2021 / 1 year ago

    Is it safe to leave a passenger lift in operation when the alarm and auto-dialling to an operator fail to function?
    The service engineer thought so but the fire brigade disabled the lift in a recent incident where I live.

    • Nancy Dykins

      March 30, 2021 / 1 year ago

      Hi Philip, thanks for your comment. Our Technical Manager has the following advice: You should contact the service engineer to remedy the fault. This is not always a reason to stop using the lift, however, if the lift has been provided with an emergency call facility then it should be working as expected. You mention an incident, so there could have been additional reasons for the fire brigade to choose to disable the lift. Please get in touch via or call us on 01706 355452 if you would like to talk this through further.

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