Goods lifts, service lifts and dumb waiters – what can go wrong?

Our Engineer Surveyors report on the top 5 defects of goods lifts, service lifts and dumb waiters

  1. Dirty lift pit – Oil leaks and litter are very common in lift wells and are a potential fire hazard. Any potential fire is a significant risk to occupants of buildings where lifts are installed. Worthy of note, lift shafts are free-venting therefore any fire risk should be escalated to ensure immediate action is carried out to eliminate the risk.
  2. Signs of lift overloading – Any overload experienced by a goods lift, service lift or dumb waiter will cause excessive strain on the lifting mechanism beyond the design constraints of the lift. This could potentially cause the lift to fail.
  3. Poor or inoperative shaft lighting – A well illuminated lift shaft will aid the engineer surveyor, service engineer and if required the emergency services to carry out the required duties in a safe and efficient manner.
  4. Lift and landing floor misalignment – The misalignment of the lift to the landing floor does not facilitate the smooth enter and exit of the lift. This is also seen as a trip hazard and has the potential of damaging the landing and car door sills.
  5. Uneven tension of lift hoist ropes – This is quite common. In such a situation the overloading and excessive wear of components could cause the lift to fall into an unsafe situation.

Thurra’s team of experienced engineers will assess the condition of goods lifts, service lifts and dumb waiters, advising on the condition of the equipment and whether or not any remedial action is required to ensure that they continue to operate safely and effectively. A formal written report will be sent which should be kept as confirmation of the equipment’s status and if required it should be presented to the maintenance contractor.

If you require advice or help on any of the above, please speak to your Insurance Broker or contact us to arrange a visit by an experienced engineer.

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