FREE Engineering Inspections virtual training for Brokers

Can staff receive training while on furlough?

According to the CIPD, the professional body for HR & people development, if employees are required to complete any job-related training while they are on furlough leave, this is permitted, as long as it doesn’t involve them in providing services to, or generating revenue for or on behalf of their organisation.

We have put together a FREE Engineering Inspections virtual training session for Insurance Brokers wishing to take the opportunity of brushing up on their knowledge and understanding in this area whether furloughed or working. The aim of this programme is to help you gain a deeper understanding of the regulations and challenges your commercial clients face and enhance your ability to work them more effectively. All training sessions are conducted in person (virtually) by our own Phil Lees who has a wealth of experience in engineering inspections and the insurance industry and will be scheduled at mutually convenient times, subject to availability.

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