Are those brighter days in reaching distance?

Spread a little cheer…

How wonderful it has been for us to share some positivity and hope with our customers.

We asked them, in three words, to tell us what they are looking forward to most when restrictions have eased and we have some normality.

We had some brilliant and humorous responses. Here’s a selection. They certainly put smiles on our faces about what lies ahead and the things we’ll all be doing in the not too distant future. As a thank you for brightening our inbox, we chose our favourites and in return sent a small token of our appreciation in the post. We think spreading cheer and hope right now is so powerful and important. Enjoy. And perhaps you may be inspired to spread some positivity of your own today… It’s infectious (in a good way).

Treating my girls



Cuddles. Holidays. Choice

Great Big Hugs

Family Sunday lunches

Enjoying A Cuddle


Hugs, Adventures and Events

Coffee shop chats

Weekends not cooking

Freedom to travel

No more walking

Getting dressed up

Hugging my parents

Going to pub

Friends dinner parties

Out for dinner!

Booking warm holidays

Going to shops!

Trying on shoes

Seeing my mates

Taking pyjamas off

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