A lift is a lift… right?

Passenger lifts, goods lifts, generic names, confusing terminology, weight loads and uses. Not as simple as you may think.

From 50kg to 5,000kg, the term ‘goods lift’ is a bit of a catch-all for many different types and it is important to be clear and explicit when specifying or planning maintenance and inspections. 

Here’s just a few examples…

Dumbwaiters, also known as food lifts, restaurant lifts, hotel lifts and micro lifts. These lifts are increasingly appearing in residential properties, not just hospitality / commercial. 

Trolley service lifts or small pallet / service lifts, roll cage lifts and small goods lifts. 

Platform goods lifts or scissor lifts, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), cherry pickers and boom lifts.

Low rise platform goods lifts

Goods lifts or heavy load lifts.

Goods attendant lifts

Did you know that there is an emerging trend in residential and office buildings for bike lifts and bin lifts? 

So, as you can see it’s very important to understand the equipment and get the correct details when planning inspections.

If you still find this confusing, get in touch, our expert technical teal and Engineer Surveyors are all over this!

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